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Cotton Dots Cake DressCotton Dots Cake Dress
Sold out

Cotton Dots Cake Dress

£80.50 £115
Theodora Cake DressTheodora Cake Dress
On sale

Theodora Cake Dress

£80.50 £115
Fairy Tutu Bella Dress Gold - Strawberries & CreamFairy Tutu Bella Dress Gold - Strawberries & Cream
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Fairy Tutu Bella Dress Pink - Strawberries & CreamFairy Tutu Bella Dress Pink - Strawberries & Cream
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Fairy Dress with Silk Organza - Strawberries & CreamFairy Dress with Silk Organza - Strawberries & Cream
On sale
Stars Fairy Dress - Strawberries & CreamStars Fairy Dress - Strawberries & Cream
On sale

Stars Fairy Dress

£165 £230
Theodora Skirt - Strawberries and CreamTheodora Skirt - Strawberries and Cream
On sale

Theodora Skirt

£112 £135

The Brand

We believe in magic. This is why we make magical clothes for little people: tiny treasures to make you feel special, like a child.

Do you remember turning around and around in the skirt that you loved, until you believed that you could fly?

Our name also contains magic, because children love strawberries & cream; and through our clothes childhood can be much sweeter - it can be magical.

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Quality Local Luxury

Strawberries & Cream is a luxury baby and children’s wear brand, to be remembered and different.

Lovingly designed, around a kitchen table in a garden shed on Hampstead Heath, and carefully made in the UK by traditional craftsmen and seamstresses.

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I decided to be a designer many years ago; and I worked with big brands, small brands, and start-ups; but going back to traditional and artisan techniques is a return to my roots - how things have always been. We develop shapes, and then choose the fabrics, the colours, and the threads; we make the first samples, change and twist and finish them, all in the traditional way. 

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Hand-made Embroidery, Made in London

We pleat by hand, and develop our embroideries here, in London. Smocking was invented in England in the Middle Ages, and was often worn by labourers. This fine, hand-embroidery technique is back once again in the luxury market, and in recent years has mostly been developed overseas, due to the high costs.

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Ingrid Lewis

Ingrid was born in Barcelona, and moved to London to work in fashion.

She studied fashion, design, marketing and commercial management, and has worked as a design manager, buying manager and art director for some of the best known fashion brands..

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The Shed

Welcome to the studio of Strawberries & Cream, where magic happens every time we develop a new style.

Our shed is in the heart of Hampstead Heath, where we are surrounded by birds, squirrels and flowers.

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