Artisan - Strawberries & Cream

I remember my grandmother, my mother and my aunt Ino, making dresses for me. Ino used to put her antique, wheeled sewing machine anywhere there was a spot of sun, and she would sew and knit forever. I still remember the smell of the sea when I was wearing that little beach dress in green, flowery print, that they stitched for me; and standing up on a footstool, so they could decide the best way to add a zipper. 

This brand is a tribute to the women of my family who raised me, and recognition to my mother for everything I have learnt from her. 

I decided to be a designer many years ago; and I worked with big brands, small brands, and start-ups; but going back to traditional and artisan techniques is a return to my roots - how things have always been. We develop shapes, and then choose the fabrics, the colours, and the threads; we make the first samples, change and twist and finish them, all in the traditional way.